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Joe C Meriweather, CEO

Joe C

During my ten seasons playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), I not only had the opportunity to play with some great men, but I also learned the value of team work.   I was a member of the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, New Orleans Jazz, New York Knicks and Kansas City Kings. I also served as a Player Representative for five seasons. Before I retired, I was fortunate enough to play two additional  seasons in the European League in Bologna, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. For thirteen years I was the Women’s Head Basketball Coach at Park University and I also served as YMCA Youth Director for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. I began working toward my Bachelor’s degree while attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Illinois. I then received my Bachelor’s degree from MidAmerica Nazarene University in Management and Human Relations. Later, I obtained a Master of Public Affairs (Public Management) from Park University; I have also earned a Master Trainer Certification in Fragile Families and Fatherhood Development Curriculum and Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training ACT Missouri. I believe in community involvement and am very active in the Kansas City Community.

As the Chief Executive Officer of 3C’s Fatherhood Education Partnership, Inc., I grew up without a father in the home and understand firsthand the holes that fathers leave in their families when they are absent. I am acutely aware that most fathers want to be great dads, but chances are during their development into men, there were no role models in their lives to imitate that behavior.  I know that being a father to my kids is the most important job I will ever have, which is why I have partnered with my lifelong friend, Felton Chinn to form the 3C’s organization. Our hope is to address the void of educational training programs geared toward developing boys into responsible men and fathers in our community.


Felton Chinn, COO

Felton ChinnFelton Chinn is the vice president and chief operations officer of 3C’s Fatherhood Education Partnership Inc. As a father, I will consistently give my best in support of young fathers and families across the communities we serve, understanding my best will not be good enough. Indeed, children are the future of our nation. Unfortunately, I have witnessed the destitute conditions under which many children live. Father absence is the root cause for the wretchedness children experience every day across low-income and diverse communities. As vice president, I aim to present a methodology of open-mindedness to this important work, vigilant to develop programs designed to meet young fathers and fragile families at their point of need unaffected by stereotypical views surrounding young, low-income unwed mothers and fathers.

I served 26 years in the Submarine Force United States Navy (U.S. Atlantic Fleet), an experience that broadens my perspective in terms of my approach to resolving people concerns. One way I have leveraged the experience is highlighted by an opportunity to serve Wal-Mart Stores Inc. As a Human Resources Professional, I was an established authority in areas of leadership, employment counseling, improving organizational effectiveness and creating extraordinary culture. Joe and I have an opportunity to influence the well-being of children of fragile families and we are committed with God’s help turn hearts of young fathers back to their children; this is the hope of a society.

Joe C and I are lifelong friends. Like Joe, my formal education began at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. However, I received a Bachelor of Science Degree through Navy Campus for Achievement, and an MBA/Human Resources ST Regis University, a Master Trainer in Fragile Families and Fatherhood Development Curriculum and Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training ACT Missouri.

Children are undeniably the future of our nation, but if I was to measure our wealth by the welfare of our children that live in low-income and diverse communities, the message is disturbing. The concern critical, help Joe and I make an impact.