It is amazing what you guys are trying to do and the approach you have regarding fatherhood. I am the product of alcoholic drug addict parents, foster care, streets, homeless shelters.  I am thankful for the friends/family that I had that always kept an extra seat at the dinner table and a warm place to sleep at night, grandparents. I only wonder if the men in my life had the proper example and a positive mentors would life have been different, I wouldn’t have had to learn the hard way. My father, brother and the father of my children all have been in prison/jail, alcoholics/drugs, abusive physical and verbal, and left the mothers to raise the children (I thank God everyday I had the strength to get out of that environment). I strongly believe there needs to be more positive role models, so many children are being raised by single moms, I wish for their dad to be in there lives everyday, to be present at the games, to see that goal being scored when they look up in the stands, A+ on a test, present at parent teacher conference, not to hate the mother because they are ordered to pay child support. My oldest has had to write two separate speeches about a man that has made a difference in her life, neither speech was about her father and that is sad. These fathers are missing out on the most important part of their life, a chance that has been given and they take being a father for granted, I call it being selfish. 32 years later I have forgiven my father for the childhood he provided for me but I will never forget and it’s still hard to this day to even be in the same room with him. I never wished to be a single mom and nor do I wish it upon any one else, it is very hard and exhausting, in one week I have made it to six practices, one Christmas play, two tutoring sessions, two games, fifty hrs work week, and this does not include all the household chores, homework but I have to be both parents for my daughters so when a father is absent it does have an effect on a family. I am not saying all moms are perfect either because I have few choice words for the moms that do not support their children either. If you can make that one difference in a father that is not being supportive and he turns his life around to were he become involved, you have given that child the best gift in life he or she could have. Unfortunate at this time my children’s father has a warrant out for his arrest due to fail appear in court for child support so he has no contact with me,  so I will not be able to recommend your service/mentoring anytime soon but maybe one day he will be blessed with your presence and wisdom. Keep it up, it gives us single moms hope.

There is still hope



“I believe that 3C’s Fatherhood is an awesome program. If you open up your heart and mind to receive what Mr. Meriweather and Mr. Chinn are presenting  to us as men.  I also believe that the way they are teaching is beneficial to us to become better men and fathers to our children.”

“From this class I was thankful to be part of because it lived up with the word of God. Morals, values, and things that are essential to being a good father, a great leader.  Being a good husband and being the man God called every man to be.”

“For me a lot of the things that were talked about or discussed in the class were instilled in me from a young age by my parents and grandparents. I believe it’s a good class for individuals who come from broken homes. There is something for everyone to take from this class, but I feel that it would further benefit individual from broken homes.”

“I really enjoyed the class the insight on an ideal man was interesting as well as finding out my own qualities of myself. I would be very interested in having a weekly seminar of this sort on the streets to help a man stay focused and on track. I feel that this class could have been more beneficial if time wasn’t the issue.  Not enough time to have some fruit for thought for the rest of the week. I wished I had taken notes so I could help myself with what I had learned but until I get out I can only better myself for the upcoming time. You men do a great job at what you do and for my own life I wish I had it earlier on in life so I would have the tools I now have. I am  24 and earlier would have been more beneficial.  I wish these resources were available to me in high school. Thank you for allowing us this time together, you’re on a great road to helping impact the future generations. May God be with you and your ministries.”

“What I have learned in this class is that most of the men here have the same thoughts when it comes to wives and kids, and I have a better  understanding what I need to do in order to lead myself and my family.”